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Fire at Maison de la Radio

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Around 12:00 AM, a fire started on the 7th and 8th floor of « Maison de la Radio », in the 16th district of Paris. Broadcasts were stopped while journalists and staff evacuated on firefighters’s help “We were in the middle of a news broadcast, and, suddenly, we were asked to stop everything and to evacuate the studio,” said Christine Moncla. The staff  were quartered outside in an area opposite the site on fire. At the arrival of the firefighters, no one was hurt. “The fire is under control, it has been extinct, it has not spread to the whole of the 8th floor,” the commander Gabriel Plus told the press. Policemen took care of the traffic regulation near the river Seine.

Many people said alarm wasn’t activated and the staff was informed by the noise of a helicopter which operated around the building. They restart at 1:35 PM exempt for France Inter, at 3:00 PM


Kevin Bikoy, IEJ1B