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Arm wrestling in Spain

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Spain will have to go through an intense week.

Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, has called the parliament to meet on Thursday to agree on a response to  Mario Rajoy’s intention to control the region. On the next day, Madrid’s parlement will reunite and if they vote the dismissal of the government and plan regional elections, the separatists threaten to declare unilateral independence. After the Spanish government has invoked  the article 155 of the Constitution to forbid the autonomy, the president of Catalonia intervened on television. He was careful never to mention the independence but called the act of Madrid as  “a genuine attack against democracy”. Since the referendum on 1st October, in which 43 per cent of the electorate voted, demonstrations broke out in Barcelone claiming the independence and the liberation of  two separatist leaders.

Source: La Vanguardia

The arm wrestling between Madrid and the executive power of Catalonia has been going on for weeks without any negotiation, since both presidents, in interpose discourse, attack each other. Europe doesn’t want to intervene in the fight either, claiming they have other matter to deal with. However, Theresa May said her country would not recognize Catalonia should they become independent. The meeting will be surely decisive for the future of the country.

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