Mexico : Iguala’s Mayor arrested in the case of 43 missing students

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Facebook H. Ayuntamiento Municipal Constitucional de Iguala de la Independencia
(Picture by Facebook : H. Ayuntamiento Municipal Constitucional de Iguala de la Independencia)

The ex-Mayor of Iguala, José Luis Abarca, and his wife, María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa, were arrested in Mexico City, 120 miles north of Iguala, according to José Ramón Salinas, a spokesman for the federal police.

They are accused of involvement in an attack by police on September 26th in Iguala. During this attack six people died and 43 college students were reported missing.

Mexican prosecutors allege that the municipal police of Iguala, under the orders of Mayor Abarca, killed six people and detained 43 students before delivering them to a local drug cartel in September. The missing students from a college close to Iguala are widely believed to be dead.

“There was no violence in the operation,” said the spokesman. “The couple was taken to federal prosecutors to be interrogated.”

This case is an outrage in Mexico because it proves the collaboration between municipal authorities, the police and organized crime. In fact, the Mayor Abarca and his wife, sister of at least 3 drug smugglers, are reportedly linked to the Guerreros Unidos cartel.

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Toronto : John Tory ends the Rob Ford era

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The moderate conservative candidate became the 65th mayor of the city of Toronto last night. He won 40% of the votes, ahead of Doug Ford and Olivia Chow.


The former mayor, controversial Rob Ford, announced a month ago that he would not seek re-election as he receives treatment for a rare form of abdominal cancer. He did however win a council seat at home, in the Etobicoke district.

After the elections, Ford gave a hint about his future ambitions, saying that “In four more years, [we]’re going to see another example of the Ford family never, ever, ever giving up“.

Last year, the former mayor has been involved in a drug abuse scandal, widely broadcasted on both national and international media. He entered a drug rehabilitation program earlier this year to help him with his addiction.

Former mayor John Ford
Former mayor John Ford

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