In Merkel, Germany Loses a Leader

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Angela Merchel just anounced she is not going to lead the country after the end of her mandate in 2021
                                                             Source: Financial News

After dominating European politics for well over a decade, Angela Merkel has said her fourth term as Germany’s chancellor will be her last. She also stated she would not run for chancellor if snap elections were called before 2021.

Speaking after disastrous regional elections in Hesse and Bavaria for her Christian Democrats and its Bavaria-only sister party, Merkel on Monday said she saw the results as a “clear signal that things can’t go on as they are”.

Often hailed as the world’s most powerful woman and the leader of Europe, Merkel long enjoyed German voters’ support as a guarantor of the country’s stability and prosperity.

But her authority has severely weakened since her decision to keep Germany’s border open at the height of Europe’s Migrant crisis in 2015. The subsequent arrival of more than one million asylum seekers left the country deeply polarized and powered the rise of the far-right.

Merkel said she hoped her planned departure would end bitter fighting in her weak and fractious right left coalition and allow it to focus on governing, declaring that “the picture the government is sending out is unacceptable”.

Her decision not to seek re-election as chair of her centre-right party kickstarts what looks set to a close-fought race to replace her as candidate for chancellor in 2021. Merkel, 64, has been CDU chair since 2000 and chancellor since 2005.

Her presumed favored successor is the party’s Secretary General, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who announced her candidacy on Monday, but Merkel declined to back her, saying she did not want to influence the election.

The euro fell briefly following Merkel’s announcement, reflecting anxiety at the planned departure from Europe’s top table of the cautious and experienced German Chancellor.

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Macron and Merkel at the COP23 for the climate change

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For two days, 150 ministers and government officials will be present at the 23rd UNO conference for climate. It’s the moment for the French president Emmanuel Macron and the Chancellor Angela Merkel to show their ambitions.

Adopted by the international community in December 2015, the Paris agreement aims to contain global warming under 2 C°. 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded and 2017 is on track to break records in extreme weather events.

Today and until Friday, many politicians will try to find solutions for the climate debate. Donald Trump’s desicion to leave the Paris agreement is a real problem. After the general secretary of UNO Antonio Gueterres, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel will kick-off speeches. The two countries know they are able to play an essential role in the energy transition of Europe.

COP23 conference in Bonn (Germany)

The objectives of the Franco-German couple 

In Germany, the French president Emmanuel Macron will have to convince that France remains engaged to the climate change, despite the abandonment last week of the nuclear target for the year 2025. The French president will also have to reassure because he wants to be the leader on the climate subject in front of Donald Trump.

On he other hand, Angela Merkel has stopped the nuclear. However, her country still uses coal power plants. The chancellor is eagerly awaited because Greenpeace calls  her to give up coal, otherwise she will miss her climate goals. Emmanuel Macron will pronounce his speech after Angela Merkel.

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