Macron: Hectic visit in Guiana

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This Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in French Guiana, to announce measures against insecurity and illegal immigration. A perilous mission, 6 months after the social movement that had agitated this French territory. As such, the arrival of the French president took place in a hostile climate. Indeed, many opponents fought against the police. These clashes were especially due to a declaration of the French leader who said “I am not the Father Christmas” to Guiana’s population who is angry about the promises of the former French government who had to help them with the emergency plan. Indeed, former French president Francois Hollande promised 2.1 billion to Guiana to help them, but for the moment, they only received 1 billion.                                                  

Guianese protesters expect from Emmanuel Macron to respect his words, reminding that, during his political campaign, he said: “I will respect Guiana agreements, and I will go even further”. The collective Pou Laguiyann ​​Dekole, who sent Monday a letter to the president to encourage him to consider the territory as “a top priority,” also asked to be received by him.

All the territory is still waiting for more financial aid from the French government.


Florent Druon, IEJ 1D

Former French president suspected of illegal funding

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Two new testimonials concerning the matter of financing the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy by the Libyan regime of Kadhafi were heard on Monday by the judges assigned to the case.

According to Mediapart, one of them, Abdallah Senoussi, former head of military intelligence admitted before the International Criminal Court having managed 5 million euros on behalf of the campaign of the former president.

The second witness, from an anonymous source, member of the Libyan protocol services, indicated that it is the sum of € 50 million that was allegedly paid.

The second witness, according to Mediapart also said that Boris Boillon (former ambassador of France to Tunisia) and Claude Gueant (former Secretary General of the Presidency of the French Republic), both close to Nicolas Sarkozy, had received cash in 2007 in Tripoli.

This large sum however is not consistent with the 21.5 million used officially during this campaign by Nicolas Sarkozy,

Stating that 20 million euros were transited between Sirte and Le Bourget, and transfers from the National Oil Company, a Libyan public company, could have occurred, the same source indicates that Claude Guéant and Boris Boillon were in the aircraft, which they deny, Many questions remain unanswered since the opening of the judicial investigation in April 2013, and it is hoped progress in the coming weeks.

Nicolas Apaire, IEJ 1D