SPORTS: Can Anthony Davis become a NBA MVP (Most Valuable Player)?

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The 21-year-old forward of the New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis, is already considered as the third best NBA player behind Lebron James and Kevin Durant. It’s only his third season in the league but the 6-foot-10 forward is already averaging 20 points , 10 rebounds and 3 blocks per-game. In an interview for Slam Magazine, Kevin Durant, the 2014 MVP, said that Anthony Davis “is an MVP-calliber player”. Durant also texted Davis to tell him that he was on the “way to get it” (talking about the MVP award).

Moreover, the 2012 overall first pick in the NBA draft is still young and growing as a player but also as a man. This summer, he won the gold medal with Team USA at the World Cup in Spain. This is another experience for the young player which contributes to his personal development. The 2013-2014 NBA all star weekend also allowed him to progress and to play with the best player in the league. NBA stars like Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul or Paul Pierce gave him advise on his game. Since then, Anthony Davis seems to play a better basketball : he progressed in shooting, dribbling and also developed his ability to move the ball.

With the injury of Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis is in a good standing in the MVP race, facing players like Lebron James or Blake Griffin. However, the Pelican’s forward isn’t playing in one of the NBA top teams. This may be a problem for him if he wants to become the next NBA MVP. In fact, at the past 10 NBA season, the MVP always has been playing  in one of the four NBA teams in the league standings.

Written by Babacar Diassé, IEJ1B