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Nuclear plants are touted

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Since the beginning of October, many nuclear power plants are flown over by unidentified drones. Nobody has claimed these actions. The French government and EDF are concerned. EDF complaints and investigation is underway. Until now, twelve such flights have been observed in France since early October.

Yesterday, new flights have been spotted in the Tarn et Garonne and Seine-Maritime. The flights were seen by the police in charge of the safety of nuclear power plants. After 2007, and the intervention of Greenpeace in nuclear plants, security is prepared for human attacks, but not for air attacks. After these attacks, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls gave the order to destroy any suspicious element. Greenpeaccentrale_nucleaire_fre has denied any implications. If the association does something, they always claim their actions, according to a militant. The drones can be equipped with arms or explosives.

Overview of nuclear power plants is prohibited within a radius of five kilometers and 1,000 meters around the sites. There have been no arrests since the beginning of the investigation. The plants are closely monitored. Greenpeace activists and anti-nuclear activists are currently out of business.

Many planes flew at the same time, which lets us think that they are directed by the same team.