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The Pope’s new text: Controversy at the Vatican

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«Amoris Leatitia», the Pope’s new text concerning the family, has been published this morning. This book is focused on the divorce, and on the organisation of the family in the Christian faith.

Subjects on a similar matter, such as the homosexuals, are avoided. In this two hundred page text, the Pope attempts to conciliate modern with tradition. Indeed, concerning the divorce, for example, the Pope doesn’t give a clear answer on whether remarried people should get a communion or not.

This lack of clarity is mainly due to the most conservative religious for whom the divorce goes against Christian values such as the unbreakable vow of marriage.

Furthermore, concerning the question of homosexuals, because of its place in the Christian religion, the Pope doesn’t say much about it. However, the Pope does strike with some modernity. Indeed, whereas homosexuality remains a taboo, the situation of the intimacy in a couple evolves a little in this new text. Apparently, the word «eroticism» is even mentioned, this new and modern approach could most certainely lead to an opening of minds.

At last, « Amoris Leatitia » provokes many reactions among Christians: conservative religious don’t appreciate the modernity of the text, whereas others see it as an opening towards a society which is constantly evolving.


Nadja Taieb, IEJ 1bis