Driving Schools protest against reform of driving licence

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Today, driving school protest everywhere in France against driving licence reform which favors online applications and aims to reduce the cost of the driving licence.

auto école protest
Today, hundreds of driving schools were reunited for a “slow-down operation” at Porte d’Orléans (AFP).

In Paris, hundreds of driving schools were reunited at 6.30 am to a slow-down operation at Porte d’Orléans. At 8h00 am, the ring road was blocked.

Why this protest ?

In November, President Macron expressed his desire to lower “drastically the cost of the driving licence” to allow young people “to obtain the driving licence faster and cheaper.” A parliamentary mission was then led by LREM MP Françoise Dumas and Stanislas Guérini (PS). Many working meetings have been held between the trade unions and MP F. Dumas. Far from rejecting the report as a whole, the unions point out many advances. The idea of ​​a “training continuum” is supported. It will allow secondary-school pupils and high school students to have a theoretical training in driving rules and to take the examination of the highway code during their National Universal Service (SNU).

The contradiction of the trade unions crystallizes on two points. Firstly, the end of the departmental approval, in favor of a national approval is the focus of the critics. For many years, driving schools have been subject to the supervision of the prefect, who supervised the activities, the level of skills of the driving schools. The abolition of this regional level in favor of a national approval, makes the professionals fear a lack of control of the new structures and a “low-cost” driving licence.

Quentin Velardo, IEJ 2C Group 2



Is health system going backward ?

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They call it “black Friday”… But it has nothing to do with money. This expression has been used by French liberal workers in health field to talk about their strike occurring on Friday, 13th of November. Like in the U.K, having decent working conditions remains at the center of their claims.

Health professionals are driving to Paris this Friday. Copyrights : Le Parisien (Alexandre Boucher)

A re-organisation of health system is planned according to the Touraine law. The health secretary of state has orchestrated some changes in the system. Protests have been organized all over the country since last January. French health system used to be rather protective for all citizens. It’s getting more and more dubious now. Health professionals and unionists denounce all together this law. They disagree with some resolutions resulting in a certain loss of freedom. Professional secret dealing with the health state of patients may disappear, which means it could enable insurance organisations or banks to collect this information. They could therefore adapt their rates according to the patient’s health or disease.

Most of all, doctors are strongly opposed to the new way for the patients to pay when consulting them. Described as “le tiers-payant généralisé“, the procedure for a doctor to be paid would become longer and require additional administrative tools.

A march is getting prepared by health professionals for next Monday in Paris. They are hitting the road today at a slow rythm and they should block the entrance of the capital this week-end.

 Camille Anger, IEJ3E group 1

Parents protest against inequalities in French school system

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Since Sunday, parents have decided to occupy a fallow field in Saint-Denis to protest against the lack of teachers in the schools of their district.

To do so, they have created “the Ministry of ass hats”, as symbol of the discrimination their children suffer. They claim for a fair school, with respected and competent teachers.

Indeed, the department img_6183has difficulties to recruit professors, and also calls for unemployed people detaining a master degree. “They may have qualities but are not qualified to teach,” says a supervisor who has decided to support the fight.

They also demand healthy classrooms: in fact, some schools have too many students and must place them in pre-made structures without any heating. It reveals the big financial ditch between all French departments.

French school system is the most unfair in Europe but “it’s not a fatality”, declared Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the French minister of national education.

A reform should come in 2015 or 2016 to reorganize the system and the allocations of resources. It is about finding a balance between districts and giving rectorships the same possibility to act and make projects. To sum up, to respect the first principle of republican school : equality.


Charlotte PONT, 3F


Blockade of farmers in Ile-de-France

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les-agriculteurs-manifestent-avec-leurs-tracteurs-contre-l-11017104cjdzh_1713The Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll, doesn’t intend to give in to the demands of the farmers.

The movement of Young Farmers in Ile-de-France stands up against the new law farmer policy for 2015. The labor unions asked for the resignation of the Minister. The Ile-de-France farmers threaten to block the access to Paris on Thursday.  As the minister doesn’t want to give up, all farmers will affect highways or national roads close to their homes. The goal of the protest is to stop the circulation with trucks and tractors. Every road to Paris will be blocked.

The first cause of protest is  lowering of European aids. Indeed, 30 percent of farmer’s earnings will be lost by the beginning of 2014. The second subject of anger is the ecotax law which forbids farmers to use tractors in case of pollution peak. According to farmers, the big trouble is the high taxation in a sector that already is affected by the crisis.

This labor union is known for dumping several tons of straw at the Palais Elysee in December 2009. Will this protest have the same impact? We will know that on Thursday.

Juliette Barrat 3F1