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A Republican Guard found dead in the French Prime Minister’s residence

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Gendarme Matignon
A policeman committed suicide in Matignon Palace. Source: L’Internaute

The body vas discovered on Monday morning at around 9.30 am in Paris in the gardens of Hotel Matignon, the French prime minister Edouard Philippe’s office and residence.

The 45-years-old Republican Guard responsible for the protection of the building was married and father of two teenagers. The gendarme was found next to his service weapon. The thesis of suicide is the most plausible but an investigation has been opened by the general prosecutor of Paris to determine causes of death.

The Prime Minister Edouard Philippe who was on the visit in New-Calédonia, a French overseas territory in the Pacific, was informed on the “tragic” incident and sent “his most sincere condolences” to the family of the deceased. He also announced his support for the co-worker of the gendarme and to the whole of Matignon staff.

In August, gendarmes of the security company of the Hotel Matignon had complained about their “worsening working conditions” in an anonymous letter sent to their hierarchy which was seen by AFP. 

As evidence some statistics :

  • In October, around 200 officers demonstrated in Paris, accusing authorities of failing to improve their conditions.                                                   
  • Last year, 51 policemen killed themselves in France, according to police union figures, and 24 more have committed suicide so far this year. 
  • Additionally, some 20 gendarmes have committed suicide this year, according to media reports.

As a result of these disturbing numbers, the question is raised whether the working conditions and the rights of the French’s officers are respected.


Marie Gingault, IEJ 3F