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Scary clowns attack: A teen sentenced to jail

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A fourteen-year-old teenager has been sentenced to jail for hitting a passer thirty times as a strange phenomenon of fake clowns erupted in France earlier this month.

Scary clowns phenomenon has now pop up in France Source: MAXPP

French police is still on high alert and may only be witnessing the beginning of a larger trend, especially three days before Halloween. The French court of Montpellier has sentenced the eighteen-year-old teenager to jail for attacking a passer with a knife thirty times. The delinquent then intended to racket the victim. He admitted that he was drunk. A fact that surely had influenced his sentence to jail.

The sentence follows a wave of incidents featuring people dressed as clowns that has been sweeping France since early October. Complaints have poured in recently over “armed clowns” wreaking havoc in various parts of the country – some carrying pistols, knives or baseball bats – and police have detained several people over the violent trend. First seen in the United-States, the phenomenon has finally popped up in France earlier this month. Fourteen armed teens dressed as clowns have been arrested and temporarily held by the police this Saturday in France.


Rokia Dosso, IEJ 3E