Third charge in the death of the CEO of Total

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The Russian investigators process this Friday a third charge for the disrespect of the security rules in the case of the deadly plane accident of the chairman of the group Total, Christophe de Margerie in Moscow. This information comes from the Russian investigative committee.

Sans titreThe chief engineer, Vladimir Ledeniov was present in the exact moment of the accident, manager of the maintenance team of the landing area. This man, ” Was indicted today on charges of violation of safety rules causing death by negligence of at least two persons,” according to the committee. He is currently in jail.

The indictment of Mr. Ledeniov follows those of the air traffic controller Alexander Krouglov and the pointer of sky Svetlana Krivsoune. So today, the investigator favours the idea whereas the air controllers are responsible for the death of the two pilots, a stewardess and Christophe de Margerie. If the researchers show the guilt of these three suspects, they risk up to five years behind the bars.

The CEO of Total, Christophe de Margerie, is dead due to the crash of his own plane just after the taking off; the Falcon (plane) hit a snowplow and explosed just after at the airport of Moscow. De Margerie’s funerals was held on Monday in Paris, the French president was present in the church Sainte-Suplice.

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