US Primaries: Clinton and Trump defeated in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin_in_United_States.svgBoth favorites for the presidential run have been outscored in Wisconsin, respectively by Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.

On the Republican side, Ted Cruz gathers 48.3% of the votes whereas «only » 35.1% gave their voices to the rich businessman, Donald Trump. Thanks to this victory, Cruz slows Trump in his will to get an absolute majority of delegates before July. According to Cruz, things are going to be much different : « I’m more and more convinced that we will gather the 1,237 delegates required to win the Republican investiture ».
On the other hand, Sanders also beats Clinton quite easily with 56.5% of the Wisconsin voters. Clinton, with 43.2%, is once again unfortunate facing a young population.
Despite these bad series of results for the two favorites, which could be seen as a momentum swing, they still remain untouchable for some time, even for their closest opponents.

Next stop will be in Wyoming, where we will see things even clearer between the possibility of an incredible comeback by one of the outsiders or a comfortable win for the presidential favorites. Answer tomorrow !

Shady MENARD, IEJ 1 bis.

Possible death of ISIS’ executioner, “Jihadi John”

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"Jihadi John"
“Jihadi John”



US officials have claimed victory after possibly killing the British executioner Mohammed Emwazi, also known as “Jihadi John”, during a airstrike in Syria.

The Pentagon has not officially confirmed his death but some military sources said it is certain at “99 per cent”.

On Thursday night, US army conducted an airstrike in the very heart of the Islamic State’s Syrian capital, Raqqa. One of the main objectives of this strike was to reach the British terrorist. “If this strike was successful – and we still await confirmation of that – it will be a strike at the heart of ISIS,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said.

As a reminder, Mohammed Emwazi is known for beheading several people in front of a camera, like American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, or British humanitarian workers David Haines and Alan Henning. Every time, he was wearing long black clothes, his face hidden, with a knife in his hand. Since these events, Mr Emwazi was at the top of the UK government’s “kill list”.

Most of the victims’ families claimed for Emwazi to be captured alive, saying, for instance, he didn’t deserve an “honourable” death, as Mr Haines’ widow stated. Unfortunately, it seems US army decided not to take any risk trying to catch “Jihadi John”.

Maxime Dubois, IEJ3E Group 2

“No you can’t” say American Citizens

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The democrats led by Barack Obama got wiped out of the Senate after the midterm elections that occured last night.  The Republicans took over the Senate by gaining 7 seats and will now be holding 52 seats (against 45 for the Democrats). They also obtained the majority of the House of Representatives.

President Obama preparing to face new hardships.
President Obama preparing to face new hardships.

Barack Obama’s sphere of action will clearly be impacted by the massive anti-democratic vote that befell last night. The Republicans had not taken over the Senate since 2006.

This midterm election is historic in another way: it is the first time that a Republican African-American gets elected in the South since 1870. Tim Scott, newly-elected senator of South Carolina, said yesterday: “I think it says a lot about South Carolina and the evolution we have undergone in the last 50 years. If you look for a state with the most progress in the history of this country in the shortest period of time, look at South Carolina. We have a lot to be proud of” (from The Guardian).

As for Barack Obama, this is yet another setback after his controversial health care plan, which the Republicans fought fiercely at the time. His approval ratings have reached an all-time low at 44% (according to USA today).

Obama’s remaining two-year mandate promises to be eventful and difficult for the native of Honolulu.


Thomas Choukroun, IEJ3F

The jihadists possess antiaircraft weapons

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10749490_10204993412776153_1852174469_nWe knew that Islamic state had fighters, stolen from the Syrian Army. Now we know they can shoot down aircrafts. The news worries the Western powers and particularly the United States.
Two helicopters of the Iraqi Army and a Russian helicopter were shot down by jihadists with antiaircraft weapons. It is a threat for the army but also for the airliners, now more vulnerable.
The Islamic state recently published a guide on the Internet which explains how to use some weapons. The question is « Where do they find their weapons ? »
They have been stolen from a stock of the Syrian army since 1970 and some more recent with a more advanced technology and more powerful.

Maybe made in China or Bulgaria, according to German Federal Intelligence service.
Not only on the air, for the coalition directed by the United States, it is not easy to stop the terrorists particularly in the west of Iraq.


By Martins Victoria, IEJ 3E