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Apple, new Big Brother

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We can say that Apple did not learn its lesson. One more time, Apple Retail France is involved in a video surveillance case. Indeed, the company installed cameras centered on the employees to supervise them. The problem is that thanks to the article 32, it is formally forbidden to spy on people without their knowledge. But it is not the first charge of espionnage for Apple. This espionnage story began in December 2013. The CNIL (National Commission of the data processing and the Liberties) had already sanctioned Apple Retail France for espionnage in sixteen Apple Stores in Paris. However, Apple had not reacted and had not removed the cameras. For Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin it’s to much : “The obstinacy of these breaches led the president to give a formal notice against the company to modify the entire devices of video surveillance of the brand’s sixteen stores on the national territory”. The CNIL published this sanction and Apple did not react: until today, the company hasn’t provided any explanations for their behavior.

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