The youth of Emmanuel Macron

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Monday night a new documentary about the life of the former French economy minister Emmanuel Macron will be broadcast on France 3 in prime time. The film was produced by journalist Pierre Hurel and it’s called Emmanuel Macron – the strategy of the meteor.

For the moment, we could just watch a teaser in which images of the youth of Macron are shown, particularly a scene of him at 15 performing a play. This passage is important because it’s at this age that the politician to be fell in love with his French literature professor, Brigitte Trogneux. At that time she was 24 years older than him. Now she is his wife and his principal support in politics.

The title of the documentary says a lot about the angle of that report : Macron was a longtime mocked by the French political class for being a simple meteor in the political landscape. The future will say if his detractors are right or wrong but we will have to wait before we know more. That documentary will be a first response to this question.

Next Monday we’ll know if that documentary is a real journalistic work or just another strategy of communication at the service of Macron. The ex-minister has been creating a lot of buzz around his private image.We have to remind that he is candidate for the French presidency since Wednesday. And that kind of documentary can be an asset or an encumbrance in a presidential campaign.

François-Joseph Ambroselli, IEJ3E