A new rebound in the Levothyrox scandal

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Source : Ouest-France

In the case of the controversial drug Levothyrox, the Merck laboratory is now obliged to provide the old version of the drug, named Euthyrox, before the end of the year. This is a decision of the district court of first instance in Toulouse, which ruled after 25 patiens reportes serious disorders which occurred while they were using the current version of the drug.

For Thierry Hulot the boss of the Merck group : “this decision is incomprehensible and the lab will appeal on three points.

He contests the fact that a civilian judge can substitute for the Agence of Medecine (ANSM) which holds the police power in France. ANSM has confirmed that 40,000 boxes of Euthyrox are still available in France, which can treat around 20,000 patients. These different elements are, for Merck, in contradiction with the decision of the judge. However, to comply with the court’s decision, the company will “ensure that each of the twenty-five patients have access to Euthyrox in the pharmacy of their choice,” said Thierry Hulot.

Faced with the anger of patients, the old formula of this drug prescribed to 3 million people in France to treat thyroid diseases has returned to French pharmacies on October 2.  While acknowledging the side effects in some patients, Merck’s lawyer pointed out that the new formula was then demanded by the Medicines Agency, which deplored the lack of stability of Levothyrox.

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The exhibition FIAC closed its doors in Paris

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FIAC exhibition in Paris finished on Sunday 23 October. This year’s edition attracted a crowd of 70,000 people. fiac2016a

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Time to assess

42 years after its first edition, the FIAC has just closed its doors. This year’s outcome is successful: 70,000 visitors on the three days. This commercial art exhibition brought together dance, literature, contemporary art as well as theater.

The FIAC is one of the biggest cultural fairs in the world and consequently one of the largest markets for art.

The FIAC is more a market than an exhibition despite its appearance.

This year it has been specially gargantuan with the three main venues open.

The most important novelty this year was the part: « On site » in the Petit Palais in which we could find some sculptures installations. It was the specificity of this edition. With the part « On site »  in front of Grand Palais the Avenue Winston Churchill was pedestrian like in 1900 for the universal exhibition.200 galeries have been represented, some shows (among which Mensour gallery or Gagosian…)

The international dimension this year has been bigger than ever with artworks of artists such as Ai Weiwei, or Duane Hanson…because of the large relationship of Jennifer Flay.

According to specialists, this edition is a real success both in terms artistic as commercial.


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A new Benzema phone-tapping

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A new phone-tapping between Karim Benzema and the blackmailers has been revealed today by the police. This recording is embarrassing because it proves the footballer’s participation in the sextape case. He is the link between the blackmailers and his teammate
Mathieu Valbuena.

The player of Real Madrid has apparently said to Valbuena that the threat of the blackmailers was serious and subsequently informed the blackmailers themselves. His intonation was friendly, almost teasing. His role as negotiator puts in question the real part of Karim Benzema in the sex tape case.

As a reminder, Benzema has been indicted last week, for complicity. His friends have supposedly threaten Mathieu Valbuena to broadcast a sextape where he appears in a delicate position.

Didier Deschamps the national coach hasn’t selected neither Karim Benzema nor Mathieu Valbuena for the next match against Germany (13th November). Offcially the striker of Real is injured and the Lyon player is reposing.

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Mistral : Russians set an ultimatum to France

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mistral russie france

The Russians leave to France, two weeks to deliver the helicopter carrier, the Mistral.

Past this deadline, they will be forced to ask for heavy compensations. However, France is under a double pressure: on the one hand, its partners, like the United States, Germany or the United Kingdom, are urging Paris to suspend the Mistral delivery as long as Russia hasn’t ceased their actions in Ukraine. On the other hand, France needs to keep its commitments to Russia.

And the latter, is beginning to seriously grow impatient. A Russian source said, today at the Ria Novosti agence, that France has until end of November to deliver the first war ship, Mistral to Russia.

And the Russians, can afford this firm attitude. They are aware that the contract of 1.2 billion euros is vital for France in the general context of economic crisis and the political slump.

The French Defense Minister said Wednesday that “no date of delivery” of  Mistral to Russia “can be fixed at this stage”. No doubt, the thorny question of the Mistral should be on the program of the meeting between the presidents of France François Hollande and Russia Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Brisbane, Saturday and Sunday.

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BMW sets sail to exceed 2 million cars

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All is well for BMW. The German premium manufacturer is the first to beat the records with more than 2 million cars sold this year. Tuesday, November 4 , during the presentation of its quarterly results, the group of Munich announced figures which can make their competitors dream.

BMW, Mini and Rolls- Royce – grew by 5.8% over the period between July and September only. 510,000 vehicles were sold which represents a record for the group.

The Bavarian manufacturer takes advantage of the emergence of a premium mass market, especially in China, which allows it to display volumes now comparable to other major car-dealears. Symbolic fact, BMW has sold for the first time more vehicles than Fiat, which has passed 1.9 million vehicles this year (cars and vans, excluding Chrysler).

However, the future profitability of BMW still remains a question mark. The group has consolidated its position as the most profitable European manufacturer, with earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of 6.65 billion euros in 2013, with an operating margin of 9.4%. These profits are slightly down – the operating margin was 10.9% in 2012. A decline can be explained by the continued increase in investment: in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

In fact, BMW faces an increasingly aggressive competition.

In the first two months of the year, the group was overtaken by Audi (242,017, against 242,400), while Mercedes declines gradually in the race. All aimed at the forefront of the global premium in 2020. Not enough to undermine the confidence of BMW, which yesterday announced an increase in its dividend to 2.60 euros per share (against 2.50 in 2012).


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Syria and Iraq: “unprecedented” number of foreign jihadists, according to the United Nations

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648x415_image-extraite-media-jihadiste-al-baraka-news-11-juin-2014-montrant-militants-ei-drapeau-noir-ville-syrienne-raga   About 15.000 foreign Jihadists coming from 80 countries arrived in Syria and Iraq in the last few years, to fight in the rows of extremist groups including the Islamic State (IS), an “unprecedented” figure, warns a report of the UNO quoted on Friday by The Guardian. “Since 2010”, the number of present foreign Jihadists in Iraq in Syria is “several times higher to that of the foreign fighters listed between 1990 and 2010, and continues to progress “, pursues the report, drafted by the committee of the United Nations Security Council which asks to watch closely the activity of Al-Qaeda, writes The Guardian. “There are examples of foreign terrorist fighters coming from France, from Russia and from the United Kingdom” and all in all of 80 countries, among which some “did not know in the past the problems bound to Al-Qaeda”, adds the report. This document underlines that the activities of Jihadist organizations as the IS concentrate especially in the countries in which they operate: “the real cross-border attacks, or against international targets stayed minority”. The report insists however on the danger that could represent these Jihadists once gone back into their country of origin, a threat which urged several countries, as the United Kingdom or France, to take measures to strengthen their detection and prevent their departure towards Iraq and Syria. The committee of the Security Council also underlines, according to The Guardian, the efficiency of the methods of “cosmopolitan” recruitment of the group Islamic State, which benefits from social networks where the dogmatic communication of Al-Qaeda could cool the aspiring Jihadists.


Zinédine Zidane’s appeal has been rejected

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The Spanish press announced that the call of  Zidane has been rejected by the appeal committee of the Spanish Federation. The former Real Madrid player had been suspended three months in the first instance for having headed the reserve of Real Madrid without a valid coach diploma. The appeal of his club having been rejected, “Zizou” must wait three months to be able to sit on a bench again.

According to the man who has denounced the irregular situation of  “ZZ” : “Zidane is victim of nothing, he is victim of himself”.

However, this is not the end of the arm of iron for Zidane who intends to ask a pure and simple annulment of the condemnation. To do this, the coach of the reserve of Real Madrid, will enter the Court of Arbitration for sport. The rejection of the appeal has been more rapid than expected but the decision is consistent with what the leaders of Real Madrid were expecting. The legal battle will therefore continue to the SBT, placed directly under the authority of the Spanish ministry of sports.

If the decision is not suspended, it is David Betoni, a French member of the staff of Zidane who will replace him in the match against the Rancho Rayo Vallecano B on Saturday.