French Academy turns down all candidates

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This Thursday November 17th, the academics haven’t granted the majority to the candidates who have presented to the armchair of René Girard who died in November 2015. Twenty-eight academics participated in the vote and to be elected 15 votes were required.

Two writers were the favorites: the former diplomat Daniel Rondeau (who obtained twelve votes) and Gonzague Saint Bris, (who didn’t get more than three votes during the three turns). Jean Marie Bresset and Michel Orcel obtained one vote. As the other candidates didn’t receive any vote, this election had to be postponed.

In the French Academy’s langage, this is called “white election”, that is to say nobody had obtained the majority.

In three votes near, Daniel Rondeau, who runs for the second time, would have been elected. His score permits him to present his candidature again. But if we look carefully, there were twelve black crosses, they were very important, that is to say the immortals don’t want any of the candidates.

There will be no new academic under the cupola. Three chairs remain to be filled: those of René Girard, Alain Decaux and Philippe Beaussant.

Gabriel Attal IEJ 3E, group 2


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