SYRIA : Syrian troops enter ancient city of Palmyra

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12910130_1759100224322078_99987504_n                        Source : le Figaro


Yesterday, Syrian forces backed by Russian aircraft jets entered the city of Palmyra controlled until now by IS.

This military operation began on March 7, and seems to take a positive turn for the Syrian army fighting for the regime.

Since their hostage taking, the islamic state had destroyed many historic monuments in this world heritage site, protected by UNESCO (among which the famous triumphal arch, or funerary towers) and spread terror among the people.

On several occasions, the Syrian army attempted to regain control of the city against the army of Daesh, without success.

Today, marks one of the most emblematic moments in this war. Syrian army entered the city in order to retake world-renowned archeological site.

According to a Syrian military , “we entered in the city from the north west.” The army seems to be better prepared and supported by foreign countries such as Russia.

This battle is decisive for the regime. To Reconquer Palmyra, will allow the Syrian army to take back the Syrian desert and reach further east towards the border with Iraq, controlled by jihadists.

The war is not over, Palmyra is not yet completely free from Daesh, but it’s on the right track for Bachar Al Assad.


Carla Biancarelli, IEJ 1Bis


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