Russian Journalist stabbed by a “crazy man”

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The Russian journalist Tatyana Felgenhauer, was stabbed last Monday at the Echo of Moscow radio station on Monday. We don’t know the aggressor’s motivations until now.

Russian authorities

Russian radio host Echo of Moscow, a critic of the Kremlin, was stabbed by a stronger who entered the newsroom and was arrested. The attacker assaulted the building’s guardian before going to the radio station in central Moscow and stabbed host the journalist in the neck. Echo chief of Moscow, adding that all her colleagues were in shock.

Nobody knows who this man is, and why he had done this. However, according to the Russian authorities, the attacker is a foreign person. He did not say anything when he attacked the young woman. For now, we do not know the motivations of the aggressor while the images of his arrest circulate on social networks. The Russian Investigation Committee, in charge of the main criminal cases in Russia, announced that it had opened an investigation for attempted homicide against a 48 year old man, with not more details.

Tatiana Felguengauer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Moscow Echo Radio

“Her life is not threatened”

Tatiana Felgenhauer is still in intensive care on Thursday. After being operated and placed in an artificial coma, she was in the resuscitation room. Her vocal cords have not been affected and the prognosis is favorable. According to the doctors, the young woman was in a rather serious state.

Christelle Pitagora, IEJ2B


Creation of a long distance flight between China and Russia

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Source : Le Monde

China and Russia will invest up to 20 billion dollars to develop a long-haul wide-bodied jet which is expected in 2023. 

The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac) and Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) signed an agreement in June 2016 and gathered to produce a new kind of long-haul wide-bodied plane. The goal of the two firms is to challenge Boeing and Airbus.  They presented a mock-up of the wide-body jet at Airshow China on Tuesday, November 3rd in Zhuhai.
First of all, they will deal with lower operating costs than usual, which will lead to an approximate 10 percent advantage on the final cost compared to their competitors. Moreover, they will adopt an advanced aerodynamic design and engines with low fuel burn to make them more efficient and more economical for airlines to operate. This new project is directly economically challenging the two aircraft leaders. Planes will have about 280 seats and a 12,000 kilometers autonomy.

The two countries will financially participate equally but they are still looking for suppliers. A manufacture in Shanghai is going to be built specially for the development of this project. We can also consider it as a huge opportunity for a country in constant development to create new jobs. Therefore, the engineering and design center will be located in Russia.

Anne LODS,  IEJ 3E

Russia wants to create a new anti-doping agency

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In the case of the doping corruption in athletism Russia’s sport minister Vitali Moutko declares that the country wants to create a new anti-doping agency. This occurs after the World Anti-Doping Agency accused Russia of organized doping and threatens to suspend five athletes.


Copyrights : AFP/ FRANK FIFE.

“We are ready to accredit again a laboratory or reconstruct it or create a new anti-doping agency,” declares the minister. We have already heard about corruption in Russian athletism since the Olympic Games in London in 2012.

The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) have to gather this evening in Monaco to discuss Russia’s fate. Russians are afraid of being suspended from the next Olympic Games, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) in 2016.

The suspention of Russia in the next Olympic Games can be a great loss for the country, especially when Putin’s Nation is supposed to organize the Football’s World Cup in 2018.

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Doping scandal : an impressive cost and loss for Russia

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Russia is facing a terrible nightmare.

« Deeply shocking », « very saddening » these are the words dominating newspapers today. Some allegations include the information that the head of a Moscow laboratory destroyed 1,417 blood and urine samples while members of the Russian security infiltrated anti-doping work at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Russia’s doping scandal will definitely scare off a lot of sponsors. « There’s so much lost not just emotionally, but financially,” Alysia Montaño an American 800-meter runner said.

As a consequence, the world Anti-doping Agency has requested that Russia should be banned from all athletics competitions. Thereby several “sponsors are very nervous, they had plays an important role. It’s as big a scandal as you can get,” a member of Nike principal sponsorship prevented.

Many brands are already dealing with the fall-out from the corruption scandal engulfing Fifa world football’s governing body.  Companies such as Coca Cola or Visa feel soiled by Russia and are afraid for their reputation right now. « People will switch off if they’re watching a bunch of cheats, » a head sports of marketing at H+K strategies assured.

Russia : a deeply rooted culture of cheating

London sabotaged were caused again by… Russia. After winning 81 medals at the last Olympics, 17 in track and field, the public appears hugely disappointed by the image given to this sport. Therefore, Russia will be harshly “kicked out” from future sporting events such as the Olympic Game in Rio De Janeiro in 2016.

One thing is certain : the image of Russia is tarnished like never and it seems not to be finished yet. More damages are to come very soon.

     Liliya Shobukhova, in a half-marathon, winning the Hervis Prague Half-Marathon. An image that shows how sponsors are fundamental for this sport. 


Mistral : Russians set an ultimatum to France

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mistral russie france

The Russians leave to France, two weeks to deliver the helicopter carrier, the Mistral.

Past this deadline, they will be forced to ask for heavy compensations. However, France is under a double pressure: on the one hand, its partners, like the United States, Germany or the United Kingdom, are urging Paris to suspend the Mistral delivery as long as Russia hasn’t ceased their actions in Ukraine. On the other hand, France needs to keep its commitments to Russia.

And the latter, is beginning to seriously grow impatient. A Russian source said, today at the Ria Novosti agence, that France has until end of November to deliver the first war ship, Mistral to Russia.

And the Russians, can afford this firm attitude. They are aware that the contract of 1.2 billion euros is vital for France in the general context of economic crisis and the political slump.

The French Defense Minister said Wednesday that “no date of delivery” of  Mistral to Russia “can be fixed at this stage”. No doubt, the thorny question of the Mistral should be on the program of the meeting between the presidents of France François Hollande and Russia Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Brisbane, Saturday and Sunday.

Rachel CHISS and Alizée LANZARINI, IEJ 1B

Alexander Zakharchenko : the new leader of the Eastern Ukraine

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Alexander Zakharchenko was sworn in today, during a ceremony at the Donetsk’s Theatre. Indeed, The former 38-year-old mechanic was elected Sunday in Estern Ukraine with a large majority – he won over 80% of the vote – as the head of a self-proclaimed ‘people’s republic’. 

Alexander Zakharchenko (Source : Wikipedia)
Alexander Zakharchenko (Source : Wikipedia)


It comes as no surprise that Moscow “recognized the results, announcing the ‘respect’ and saluting a high’ turnout”. But at the same time, this election was denouced as a “farce” by Kiev and illegitimate by the Western Ukraine.

The pro-Russian separastist leader took the oath to “honestly serve the interests of the people of the Donetsk People’s Republic and conscientiously fulfill my duties“. But, the Kiev’s pro-Western leaders fear that a new “frozen conflict” could now be created.

Finally, Leonid Slutsky, president of the Russian International Affairs Committee of the Duma believes that the most important thing is the cease-fire. After that, one may wonder if we can make a Ukrainian federation, confederation or another form of administration. The priority is the discussions for a real cease-fire”.

This could be the sign of a new hope for Ukraine.

Anthony Poulain, IEJ 3E1

Third charge in the death of the CEO of Total

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The Russian investigators process this Friday a third charge for the disrespect of the security rules in the case of the deadly plane accident of the chairman of the group Total, Christophe de Margerie in Moscow. This information comes from the Russian investigative committee.

Sans titreThe chief engineer, Vladimir Ledeniov was present in the exact moment of the accident, manager of the maintenance team of the landing area. This man, ” Was indicted today on charges of violation of safety rules causing death by negligence of at least two persons,” according to the committee. He is currently in jail.

The indictment of Mr. Ledeniov follows those of the air traffic controller Alexander Krouglov and the pointer of sky Svetlana Krivsoune. So today, the investigator favours the idea whereas the air controllers are responsible for the death of the two pilots, a stewardess and Christophe de Margerie. If the researchers show the guilt of these three suspects, they risk up to five years behind the bars.

The CEO of Total, Christophe de Margerie, is dead due to the crash of his own plane just after the taking off; the Falcon (plane) hit a snowplow and explosed just after at the airport of Moscow. De Margerie’s funerals was held on Monday in Paris, the French president was present in the church Sainte-Suplice.

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